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Booth H25
Introduce Xuzhou Sanyuan Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province and has a first-class modern factory building and advanced technological equipment. Strong technical force, stable and reliable product quality. The company's business scope includes sewage treatment and recycling; Solid waste and water pollution control. Sanyuan Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. is a technical environmental protection enterprise committed to research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of solid waste storage and transportation engineering equipment.


Features 1, the warehouse is sealed, round flat bottom; 2, hydraulic opening top cover; 3, set up a grid to prevent debris into the large block; 4, unique anti-wear design; 5, the material level control, equipped with a biogas detection device.
Hydraulic plunger pump
The diameter of the cylinder is large, which facilitates the inhalation of thick slurry with low water content and large viscosity. The inner wall has a thick enough Chrome plating layer, which can extend the service life and the exit pressure is large, and can achieve long-distance transportation. The pump delivery can be According to the requirements, no stage adjustment is required. The unique Hopper structure design makes its internal slurry easy to be inhaled by the cylinder, improves the absorption efficiency of the fixed degree, and has maintenance doors on both sides for rapid replacement and maintenance: the optimal design makes the piston line speed always The best working state.
Single cylinder plunger pump
This pump can replace the general transportation methods such as spiral conveyor, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, etc.: large transmission pressure, long distance; The moisture content of medium is low and the requirement is wide. Allow empty operation without material: Allow particles less than or equal to 50.
Hydraulic slide system
1, cuneiform design, dead zone
2, there is a buffer beam in the middle to prevent objects from hitting the bottom of the warehouse
3, slide slider using wear-resistant materials, long service life
4, sliding frame and cylinder adopt special seal
5, hydraulic cylinder seal adopts imported seal

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