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Introduce Sangtu environmental group was founded in 2009 ( it had been the OEM manufacturer for German, Japan and european companies since 1991). We are a high-tech enterprise which focus on research, design, manufacturing and service in VOCs treatment. So far, we have been built nearly 700 successful cases over the past decade without even a single failure。


Rotary RTO
RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer,-RTO), also known as regenerative incinerator. The basic principle is to oxidize VOCs at high temperature (≥760℃) to generate CO2 and H2O, so as to purify the waste gas and recover the heat coming out during the decomposition, and also achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving.
It consists of combustion chamber, ceramic packed bed and switch valve. The heat exchanger in this device can maximize the recovery of heat energy, with the rate of more than 95%, and very little or no fuel is used when dealing with VOCs. If waste gas is low concentration,we can choose an optional concentration device that can be installed to reduce combustion consumption.

Zeolite rotary drum of TOYOBO
Zeolite drum is continuously and slowly rotating, a total of two areas, adsorption area and desorption area, adsorption area is responsible for purification, when the drum into the desorption area by small air volume high temperature hot air (usually 150-180℃) for thermal desorption, desorption of small air volume high concentration of waste gas into the follow-up oxidation combustion equipment oxidation treatment.
Waste gas through the inside of the zeolite rotating cylinder, VOCs components are absorbed by the zeolite, with the help of the internal draft system ,purified clean gas can be blew offf directly。VOCs components were adsorbed by zeolites and then entered the desorption zone. After heating by heat exchanger, the gas was purged and VOCs was desorbed from zeolites to form high-concentration exhaust gas with small air volume and reach the purpose of concentration.

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