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Company Jinan Grass Green Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
Country China
Booth B32


ALL-in-one smoke and dust purification machine
There is a big gap between the all-in-one filter tube fan and the traditional filter tube dust remover, from the appearance of industrial design and integration of the structure, so that the equipment covers a small area, shoveling and installation is very convenient.Is a dust collector specially designed for the dust produced by thermal cutting processing. This equipment is changing the blue sky of traditional thermal processing dust removal industry.The equipment is widely used in metal welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting and metal shot blasting industries.Features:Fine structure、Small size、Superior performance、High dust removal efficiency、 Intelligent frequency conversion technology、More cost-effective.
ALL-in-one machine for fume purification
Compared with the traditional fume purification process,the integrated fume purification machine greatly simplifies the fume purification process and has low energy consumption.saves land and reduces occupied space。

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