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Country China
Booth H20
Introduce Guangdong Dasen Ventilator Co., Ltd. collects many years of fan research and production experience, specializing in ventilation and air handling system design and product development and manufacturing, fully using CAD, CAXA aided design system, the main products are: general centrifugal fan, furnace blower (induced) fan, high temperature fan, dust exhaust fan, axial flow ventilation. Fans, explosion-proof fans and suitable special or special purpose fans for various industries. Products are widely used in mining and smelting energy and environmental protection industries.


5-90centrifugal ventilator
Three-dimensional twisted blade, with proper pressure, high flow rate, high efficiency and low noise, is very suitable for places with large air discharge and supply.
4-72centrifugal ventilator;
The national standard product jointly designed by the domestic fan industry, whose blade section is a backward inclined hollow airfoil, adopts arc wheel cover and convergent streamlined vortex-reducing inlet with a full pressure efficiency of 89%. It is a high-efficiency fan with wide high efficiency area, uniform performance coverage and has been widely used in various industries in medium pressure and large air volume occasions.

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