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Booth E21
Introduce TECHASE, which was invested by Tongji University, is a worldwide leading company in solid-liquid separation of industrial & municipal wastewater. Our head office and factories are located in the city of Shanghai while we’ve got branches all over the country as well as agents and distributors all over the world.ECHASE products not only have been sold throughout China, but also exported to many overseas countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, America, Spanish, Saudi Arabia, etc. We have had lots of experiences of doing businesses with global big companies, from Fortune Global 500 companies, like Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, and Carrefour, to global leading companies, including World Top 3 -Angel Yeast, Asia Top 1- WuXi AppTec, SECCO Corp., Veolia Environment, etc.


Multi-plate Screw Press
TECHASE are always focusing on independent technology innovation of themselves.Under the cooperation with Tongji University, TECHSE have successfully developed the new generation of sludge dewatering technology -Techase® multi-plate screw press, a screw type sludge dehydrator that is much more advanced in very aspects than belt presses, centrifues, plate-and-frame filter presses, etc. It features clogging-free, wide range of applications, low energy consumption, simple operation & maintenance.

It has solved several technical problems of other similar sludge dewatering equipment including belt presses, centrifuge machines, plate-and-frame filter press have, which are frequent clogging, low concentration sludge / oil sludge treatment failure, high energy consumption and complicated operation etc.

Factors including concurrent water-power, thin layer dewatering, proper pressure and dewatering path extension etc. were applied by the dewatering mechanism of Techase ® multi-plate screw press. Lower energy / water consumption and longer service life can realized without changing the properties of the feed materials and with high efficiency.
Super Elaspress Filter Press
Elaspress® Super-high Pressure Filter Press, which was developed by Techase in cooperation with Tongji University based on extensive R&D to meet customers’ requirements, is a new innovative pressure filter that is supplied for a wide range of applications in municipal & industrial industries to generate filter cakes whose dryness which, depending on the fitered materials, can even reach 80% (20% humidity) under pressure.

Techase have optimized the structure of the conventional filter presses and ingeniously applied elastic medias of stainless steel to creat pressure and reduce energy consumption. Owing to its design and innovation, when compared with other similar filter presses, Elaspress® Super-high Pressure Filter Press is considered of higher efficiency, smaller footprint, lower operational cost, higher performance and easier operation & maintenance.

Equipment Composition:

● Skeleton

● Filter Pack: filter plates made of steel fitted with filter cloths, springs of stainless steel

● Automatic Plates Shifting System

● Movable Drip Tray

● Hydraulic System

● Control Cabinet
Available Options:

● Automatic Discharge

● Automatic Cloths Cleaning

● PLC Remote Control

● Belt / Screw Converyor
Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter
TECF Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter, which was developed by Shanghai Techase Company with the cooperation of Tongji University, is a new advanced fiber cloth media filtration technology of optimized design, high efficiency, cost saving, small footprint, excellent performance and easy operation & maintenance.

It is specially used for tertiary filtration or suspended solids (SS) removal of wastewater, and also the retrofits of the old sand filters due to its smaller footprint when with same capacity. The effluent water quality can achieve as good as 5mg/l to satisfy the discharge standard requirements. This technology was awarded as" 11th Five-year National S&T Promotion Achievement "by the government for its outstanding performance.


TECF Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter is used in the tertiary filtration process after the sedimentation process and clarification process.

※ Advanced treatment or reuse of municipal sewage

※ Advanced treatment or reuse of industrial wastewater

※ Waste water treatment of rural area

※ Pretreatment of raw water

※ Surface water purification

※ Pretreatment of membrane process

※ Recirculated cooling water treatment

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