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Introduce Guangdong winner environmental protection equipment industry group was founded in 2008, the scale of the micro finance restructuring as environmental protection equipment industry chain. Now complete the first domestic enterprise environmental protection product integration. Company is the collection of environmental protection equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, operation, environmental protection equipment production, sales and services.


High pressure diaphragm filter press

Filter plate made of reinforced pp moulding, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless;

Automatic plate, controlled by electrical system, hydraulic system, automatic control or computer control;

Using hydraulic equipment as pressure, loosen the filter plate of the motor, the maximum compression pressure for 25 mpa, and electricity contact pressure meter automatic pressure maintaining;

The maximum pressure of 1.0 Mpa pressure filter, in order to ensure the best conditions of forming filter cake, pressure filtration,

Simple operation, safety, energy saving, operation button on the control panel, realize the continuous motion, and is equipped with a variety of safety devices, guarantee the safety of operating personnel.

Range of application

Chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, food, pharmaceutical, light industry, textile, environmental protection, energy industry solid-liquid separation process.
Vibrating screen machine

Comprehensive utilization of vibrating screen machine is vibrating screen and desander a combination of the function of the two devices, a preprocessing phase, used in municipal sewage treatment system can efficiently remove sewage waste sundry and fine grained sediment equipment, is a more efficient and more environmental protection and energy saving new grille. According to the status of the sewage, choose suitable for vibrating screen to dehydration, separate the sand and debris. Through the combination of desander and vibrating screen, and even can achieve clean coarse sand (> 75 microns in diameter) or black powder (75-25 micron) requirement, this is the existing sewage treatment system can not reach the effect of pretreatment stage.

Solid material, in a vibrating grizzly machine separation dehydration can also oscillations, as if through a filter, after the separation of material in wastewater, the moisture content is low, easy to pile up. Basic does not contain impurities, after the separation of liquid and sand ratio is low, will not cause blockage to subsequent processes such as mechanical and electrical equipment. Vibrating screen machine application in municipal wastewater treatment project, basically can replace existing general wastewater treatment process of pretreatment stage of all facilities and structures (such as: fine screen machine, screw conveyor - press, vortex grit chamber, sand water separator and so on a series of facilities). Vibrating screen machine water can directly into the biochemical process of prose.

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