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Country China
Booth C310
Introduce Sangtu Environment Group was founded in 2009 in Shanghai.It is committed to providing comprehensive VOCs management end plan for corporate customers, and independently complete the design, manufacturing, installation and construction.. The company has an independent R&D experimental manufacturing workshop, a professional team of more than 300 people in R&D, design, manufacturing, and construction. It has two major production bases in Kunshan and Shandong, and has completed nearly 700 excellent cases in China.


Germany technology RTO
Our production of rotary heat-type incineration equipment using 12-room structure, it is in the multi-bed incineration based on the development of the third generation of products. It has the advantages of compact equipment, small footprint, stable airflow, reliable operation, high resistance to corrosion, good anti-corrosion, good resistance to volatile gas, suitable for intermittent operation of the machine, and in the case of textile coating and printing industry, the adjustment machine can reach the higher concentration exhaust in the condition of controlling safety.
Use RTO to process or produce thermal energy reuse without adding energy. Our rotary incineration equipment improves the safety of the equipment while ensuring energy saving, high purification efficiency, continuous purification process and no pollution. In addition, rotary incineration equipment is a generation, second-generation products on the basis of improving the stability and safety of the incineration system, reached the international advanced level.
Flue gas off-white rotation
White Rotary Advantage of SangTu:
1, Remove white effect good, -30℃ see white steaming;
2. Low energy consumption, only 1/5 of the traditional white stripping process;
3, High heat transfer efficiency, good anti-corrosion performance;
4, Applicable to a variety of chimneys of the white steaming phenomenon;
5, Covers an area of small 6, to achieve real white.

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