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Country China
Booth A111
Introduce Shincci is a key state-supported high-tech enterprise, integrating the development, manufacturing and marketing of dehumidification heat pump dryer and sludge dryer, offering solution to sludge disposal.

Shincci has developed a number of new energy-saving dryer, such as dehumidification heat pump dryer, low temperature sludge dryer, swimming pool dehumidification heat pump and tobacco dryer chamber etc. We have obtained more than 40 national patents, including Fin-type Regenerative Cycle, Double-Effect Heat Pump, and Triple-Effect Heat Pump, which are innovative technology in China, breaking through the difficulties in traditional dehumidification technology and extending the industrial application of dehumidification heat pump technology.

Shincci researches, develops and manufactures products for sludge disposal, such as Low Temperature Sludge Dryer, Waste Heat Low Temperature Sludge Dryer, and Sludge Pyrolysis. The products solve the technical difficulties of heat pump sludge drying, break through the bottleneck of normal low temperature sludge drying (high power consumption and low efficiency). And the products are applied to dry broad kinds of sludge, meeting disposal requirement of reduction, harmlessness, stabilization and reutilization..

Shincci enjoys reputed customer service system, based on leading management concept and quality control system.

We continuously devote ourselves to product improvement and technology innovation, aiming to create a well-known brand for sludge disposal around the world.

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