Technical Symposium on Solid Waste Management and Disposal

Sep 19      

Time Subject Speaker
13:30 - 13:40

Introducing guests

, Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry

13:40 - 14:05

Interpretation of Regulations on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste in Guangdong Province

, Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment

14:05 - 14:30

Interpretation of the Work Plan for the “Zero-waste City” Pilot Project Issued by the State Council and “Zero-waste City” Pilot Project in Guangdong

Lulu Zhang

Deputy Director, Judicial Expertise Center for Environmental Damage, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences

14:30 - 14:55

Development Direction of Management of Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Enterprises

Sihai Gu

Deputy General Manager, Dongguan Dongshi New Energy Co., Ltd.

14:55 - 15:20

Hazardous Waste Identification System, Technical Specifications and Identification Cases

Yanyu Wu

Dean, Guangdong CAEPI Research Institute of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

15:20 - 15:45

Exchange on Whole-Industry-Chain Construction and Decoration Waste Recycling Technologies

Weijun Xu

General Manager of Solid Waste Division, Genox Resource Engineering Tech Co,Ltd.

15:45 - 16:10

Brief Analysis of the Formation of Solid Waste Market - Taking Hazardous Waste Trading Market as an Example

Liqun Qiao

General Manager, Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry Environmental Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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