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Country China
Booth C315
Introduce For over 30 years, Deton has been focusing on research and development of the ventilation equipment, and has set up five production lines, including kitchen lampblack dedicated fans, environmental dust purification fans, building ventilation and fire protection fans, air conditioning fans, and factory ventilation and cooling fans. Deton has set over 1000 sales centers in more than 20 provinces and cities of China, and Deton products have been exported to over 100 countries and areas in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia.


DF55 Series Centrifugal Fan
Large air flow, low & middle pressure type fan.
Impeller composed of plate blade, with high efficiency and strength.
Widely used in energy and chemical industry, steelmaking dust exhausting, non-ferrous metal industry, air drumming and inducing for circulating fluidized bed boiler, especially suitable for power station boiler blowing, pressure increasing and combustion-supporting in steel factories, and cement kiln ventilation; also used for common ventilation of factory buildings, civil buildings, large public buildings, power plants and mine.
Air volume: 9100~270300m3/h
Total pressure range: 680~10340Pa
TDFC-GC High Temperature Insert Fan
Single inlet,backward impeller
High efficiency and high static pressure
C type,inserted structure,disassemble casing
Air cooled type,temperature of air must be below 250c
Suitable for high temperature oven,kiln and high temperature air supply,hot air circulation equipemnt supporting
Air volume:531-45695m3/h
Total pressure:140-2148Pa
KTF Resistance-Modulate Purification Centrifugal Fan
Single inlet backward curved impeller.
High efficiency.
Advanced resistance peculiarity to extend the filter parts clearance period.
Used for environmental purification industry equipment.
Model: 450~2000
Air volume: 2900~377400m3/h
Total pressure range: 1550~9810Pa
6-35 Middle Pressure Centrifugal Fan
Backward curved,single inlet
Air volume:899-57634m3/h
Total pressure:maximum to 7040Pa
Suit for environmental protection and dust removal in such
industrial situation
13-48-R3-C Oil-air Purification Centrifugal Fan
This belt-driving series centrifugal fan is developed on the basis of 13-48 series centrifugal fan
integral bearing stand,long service life,convenient maintenance
Use:mainly suitable for lampblack-exhausting in kitchen or partial air-conveyance
Maximal air-volume:59000m3/h
Maximal total pressure:1759Pa
DT Series Low Noise(smoke evacuation) Courter Centrifugal Fan
Forward curved impeller,aluminum alloy structure,panel used multilayered structure
Models:DT9、DT10、DT12、DT15、DT18、DT20、DT22、DT25、DT28、DT30、DT32、DT36、and DT40,13 models in total.
Total Pressure:up to 1000Pa
Air volume:up to 103330m3/h
Widely applied to high buildings,basements,plants,hotels,and etc
Type A fan is with the function of smoke evacuation,for the motor is external installed

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