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Company 盈峰环境科技集团股份有限公司
Country China
Booth B115
Introduce Infore Environment Technology Group Co., Ltd.Called InforeEnviro for short; Stock code: 000967. It is China’s leading high-end equipment &urban environment related comprehensive services provider, taking environmental monitoring as its main business. The company grew out of Shangyu Fan Factory, which was founded in 1974. In March 30, 2000, it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 2015, the company carried out a strategic shift and upgrade, aiming to vigorously expand to environmental protection field from a high starting point and build a comprehensive and great platform for environmental protection. It successively bought out Universtar Science & Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which was the leading company in China’s environmental monitoring industry, with 1.7 billion yuan, invested 100 million yuan to hold the stocks of Greenlander Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., and set up a 3 billion yuan fund for acquiring environmental protection companies in future.Its main businesses include environmental protection (environmental monitoring, environmental management, environmental operation, waste incineration power generation, etc.) equipment and high-end equipment (nuclear power fan, rail transit fan, industrial environmental-protection fan, etc.) manufacturing. The group has 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and 1 holding company. The total registered capital of the group is 1.35 billion yuan.


Lianjiang Greenlander New Energy Power Plant
In order to realize the harmless of municipal solid waste、reduction、resources recovery、to create ecological environmental protection city, Lianjiang Greenlander New Energy Power Plant is invested by Shenzhen Greenlander Enviromental Protection Co.,Ltd which is the subordinate company of Infore Environment Co.,Ltd.
The total design daily processing garbage is 1000 ton / day for Lianjiang Greenlander New Energy Power Plant. The daily processing capacity of Phase I is 500 ton / day and the yearly processing waste of Phase I is 182,500 ton / year , with 1 × 500 t/d mechanical grate incinerator and 1 × 9 MW condensing steam turbine generator set, and with reserve phase II extension conditions.
The project technological process includes : garbage receiving system、incineration and waste heat utilization system 、flue gas purification treatment system 、ash collection handling system 、Sewage disposal system 、Electric power transmission and distribution system and so on.
The garbage trucks enter into the power plant from the logistics port. Then the waste is dumped into the garbage storage pit and again sent into the incinerator combustion. The incinerator with a set of leading flue gas purification system. The flue gas is emitted through the draught fan and sent to chimney into the atmosphere after the purification meet the emission standard. Waste heat boiler absorbs heat energy in high temperature flue gas for steam turbine generator set to generate electricity.
This power plant will be put into operation in October 2016 , with the investment about 250 million RMB.

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